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Textbook User Guide

Our books are the only ones that allow you to view exercises in two different formats:

  • PRINT version: Similar to the paper book format
  • DIGITAL version: the same exercise, but in a 1-by-1 question format with automatic feedback.

Both are interactive, but each one has its advantages.

To select one of the two versions you can go to the SECTIONS tab in your Teacher Panel. You will see a line per group (1ºA, 1ºB..) with a dropdown list that allows you to choose PRINT or DIGITAL. Depending on the one you choose, the students in that group will see all the exercises in either version.

  • Similar version to the paper book or the PDF
  • Perfect when students are using the paper book in class
  • It allows the teacher to show answers one by one.
  • It works better in large screens
  • Shows the exercise as consecutive auto-check questions (one per page)
  • Perfect for students that are using digital devices in the classroom
  • More fun for the student
  • It works perfectly in any device or screen size.

For the PRINT version, we recommend:

  • Do NOT use the browser zoom (chrome, firefox, safari, explorer o edge). Keep the zoom at 100% (not 90% or 125%) for a correct visualization of all exercises.
  • You can use FULL SCREEN mode pressing F11 in your computer. To exit FULL SCREEN mode just press F11 again.

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