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Buy Individual Licenses

(not valid for school)

If you are a family who wants to buy individual licenses for your kids (independent from your school), we offer you a 46% off on annual licenses for our English reading platforms for 6 to 18 year-old students. If your school asked you to buy our materials, please follow their instructions to acquire the licenses, and do not buy individual family licenses that will not be valid for the school and do not include textbooks.

For primary 

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  • Bookroom: Digital library with 500+ audioreaders in English graded in 26 levels (from A1 to B2)
  • Short readers (2-10 mins.) with a great variety of topics and a comprehension quiz at the end
  • Trainer: 30,000 questions to practice vocabulary, grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking in 6 levels (A1 to B1)
  • Each student progresses at his own pace completing levels from the Bookroom and Trainer
  • Perfect for 6-14 year old students (Primaria or first years of ESO)
  • Annual license includes unlimited readings and exercises during 365 days
  • Regular price: 72€/year -> 46% DISCOUNT during covid-19 crisis> only 39€/year/student

For secondary

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  • Bookroom with 300+ audiobooks and 200+ videos graded in 10 levels (from A2 to C2) to foster reading and comprehension for 12-18-year-old students
  • Readers (10-20 mins) include a wide variety of up-to-date topics and 60 unabridged excerpts from classic English literature
  • Each book includes 5 digital activities to practice English: comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and a writing task
  • Students progress at their own pace, completing levels and unlocking higher ones
  • eagles annual license includes unlimited readings and exercises for 365 days
  • Regular price: 72€/year -> 46% off during covid-19 crisis > only 39€/year/student

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