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Available in Digital & Print

  • Full course curriculum in 4 levels (ESO 1 to ESO 4) with 500+ exercises per book
  • 8 units per year covering the full LOMLOE curriculum
  • Learning situations and videos on Sustainable Development Goals
  • Digital exercises allow students to practise in a fun and engaging way and let teachers track progress seamlessly


The Best Reading Plan

  • 300+ audiobooks and 200+ videos organised in 10 levels
  • Each reading includes audio so students can practise both reading and listening comprehension
  • Readings include multiple up-to-date topics aligned with students’ interests
  • Practice exercises after each reading help the student improve language skills (comprehension, language use and writing)
  • 60 original unabridged excerpts from the classics of English literature

brilliant bright future samples

Click on each cover to see the Table of Contents and a sample unit

Extra units of regional cultural content

Each coursebook also offers extra units of regional cultural content, with specific topics that can be downloaded in the Teacher panel.

Coursebook Cultural content extra unit (Student) PDF Audio file
brilliant bright future ESO 1 A2 Andalusian Festivals A2_audio
brilliant bright future ESO 2 A2+ Tourism in Andalusia A2+_audio
brilliant bright future ESO 3 B1 Andalusian Geography B1_audio
brilliant bright future ESO 4 B1+ Andalusian cuisine B1+_audio
brilliant Bach 1 B2 Villages of Andalusia B2_audio
brilliant Bach2 B2+ Andalusian monuments B2+_audio

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