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Real time games for the classroom

300+ classgames available

  • As a Teacher, now you have access to 300+ games to play in the classroom
  • Log in to your Teacher panel and select “Class Games” under the Tools or Resources tab
  • Choose the level (A1, A2, B1…) and the type of content (vocabulary, grammar…)
  • Start the game and ask your students to login

Your students will have fun

  • Student’s can log in using any digital device
  • Once all the students have joined the waiting room, the teacher starts the game
  • Each game has around 15 multiple-choice questions
  • Students have up to 30 seconds to answer each question
  • Students gain points based on accuracy and speed to answer
  • Once students have finished, the summary of answers and the right question are displayed
  • Winners are rewarded with points and coins
  • All the Gameclass stats are available in the Teacher Analytics tab

Student’s screen

Teacher’s screen

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