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English Travellers – Read & Play

Students will love to read

  • +800 Fun digital audioreadings 
  • 26 levels of difficulty (from A1 to B2)
  • Multiple topics
  • Students earn points and coins while reading

Students that use Read&Play read 3 times more than they did before.

Students will improve faster

  • +1000 Skills training exercises 
  • Students can practice vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading, and writening
  • At their own pace or guided by the teacher
  • Fun gamelike exercises
  • Inmediate feedback

Students that use Travelers Read & Play score 30% better in CEFR levels than their peers.

Fun resources for your classes

  • Resources available both at school and at home
  • Fun group reading and listening with more than 600 resources
  • Fun group practice with more than +1000 exercises and +25.000 questions.
  • 100% adapted to digital boards and projectors
  • Compatible with multiple textbooks

Take English teaching to the next level!!

  • Create reading or practice plans in less than 10 min
  • All resources have been carefully selected by English Teaching experts
  • Students can progress on their own
  • Easily track students with student analytics
  • Easily detect learning blocks






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