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500+ graded readers and videos on different topics

  • More than 300 short audio-readings + 200 videos available
  • 1,000 – 3,000 words per reading: ~20-minute sessions
  • Written by expert English as a Second Language teachers
  • Variety of fiction and non-fiction topics: Arts, History, Science, Literature, Economy, Technology, Future, Society, Use of English, Famous people, Values…
  • Foster your ESO/Bachillerato student linguistic, cultural skills
  • Improving their English reading skills will help them not only in English subject, but in other subjects too

Graded in 10 levels

  • Full range of 10 levels of English: A2 (KET), B1 (PET), B2 (First), C1 (Advanced) and C2 (Proficiency)
  • Each level contains ~25 readings + 20 videos with their own comprehension quizzes and digital exercises
  • Each student can read at his/her own level
  • Unlimited readings per student. On average, each student will read ~30 readings and 20 videos per schoolyear, two per week

Enriched Digital format

  • Voice-over with native audio allows students to listen to read-along
  • Built-in full dictionary with translation, definition and pronuntiation
  • Autocorrectable quiz and extra activities for each reading: grammar, writing, critical thinking
  • Reading and exercises can be completed on any digital device: smartphone, tablet or laptop

Designed for English teachers

  • Teachers can easily track readings and exercises of each student
  • Create reading assignments in seconds
  • Adjust the reading level for any student on the Teacher panel
  • Designed for use on digital whiteboards in the classroom and for individual reading for the students

Fits every ESO/Bachillerato High school

  • eagles is the perfect resource to foster linguistic, scientific and cultural competences
  • The platform can be used for any level of English for ESO/Bachillerato years
  • It helps with the preparation for Cambridge exams: KET/PET/First and Advanced

Contact us now for a demo in your school

Call 91 086 75 03 or email ventas@miltoneducation.com
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Some of our writers

Casey Emmons
Casey EmmonsProduct Manager
USA, BA from Columbia University. English grammar and composition for young learners.
Caroline Paton-Thomas
Caroline Paton-ThomasEditor
England, BSc from the University of the West of England Bristol, UK. Expert in preparation for official exams for young learners and materials for managing diversity in the classroom.
Chelsea Gregory
Chelsea GregoryEditor
USA, BA from the University of Central Florida and MA in Bilingual Education from Universidad de Alcalá. Expert in bilingual primary education and Phonics for EFL learners.

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